The Leadership Continuum

It is helpful for any management team to understand how the leadership style of their managers and supervisors is perceived by employees.  This is especially important in a safety context, because culture is strongly influenced by the conversations that occur between a supervisor or manager and his/her direct reports.

Ascent Safety uses an eight-question survey that provides key insights on the prevalent leadership styles within the organization.  It establishes a baseline of the current safety culture. The same survey can be administered after key initiatives have been implemented to determine if these have had a measurable impact.  The power of this instrument lies in the targeted, well-defined Likert Scale questions, as well as its simplicity (a one-page, two-sided form).  

Our Approach

  1. Ascent Safety will work with your company to define how the demographic data for each survey will be collected. 
  2. Ascent Safety will administer the survey to the employees (hourly and salaried).  The surveys can be distributed and collected in crew meetings or other informal settings.The goal is to exceed a 50% response rate.
  3. Ascent Safety will provide a detailed analysis of the survey results, with statistical comparisons between pay groups and departments (if the sample size is sufficiently large).
  4. The survey analysis will be shared with the leadership team in advance of the first Safety Conversation Skills Workshop.  It will be provided in PDF format.