What is a Transitional Work Program?

Transitional Work Program (TWP) is a comprehensive and progressive program that includes a written return-to-work policy and job analyses developed to assist employers in providing suitable accommodations for injured employees who have been released to work with restrictions following an injury.

How can Ascent Risk Management help?

We utilize experienced, accredited TWP developers to create a custom designed program to fit your specific business needs. In addition, we provide necessary training so your management staff know how to successfully implement the program during the recovery phase of an injury.

Transitional Work Bonus Program

Employers with an approved transitional work plan can participate in the BWC’s bonus program. This program allows employers to receive a 10% rebate on their workers compensation premium if they use a transitional work program to return employees back to work. More information on the bonus program can be found on the BWC website.

Application deadlines:

  1. The last business day in May for the July 1 - June 30 program period - private employers only
  2. The last business day in November for the Jan. 1 - Dec. 31 program period - public employer taxing districts.

Transitional Work Grants

A transitional work grant is available from the BWC which will help offset the costs associated with developing a transitional work program. To be eligible employers must have 11 or more employees, at least one lost-time claim in their claims experience and been in existence for at least two years. If you are interested in the TWP grant please contact us today. 

Features of a Transitional Work Program

  1. Analysis of the employee's job tasks
  2. Labor-management collaboration
  3. Return-to-work development
  4. Employer education
  5. Identification of community resources

Benefits of a TWP:

 Improve safety programs

 Offer a smoother transition back to work

 Reduce the need to retrain and / or hire temporary or new employees