The Nurse Triage process provides medical expertise at the onset of claims

How Nurse Triage Works

Injury Occurs - The injury is reported to the employer and a workers’ comp claim is filed.

Nurse Intervention - The new claim is immediately escalated to a trained nurse case manager to expedite the processing of claim.

Clinical Evaluation - A thorough medical assessment is completed in alignment with the Official Disability Guidelines, and a recommended action plan is developed.

Four-Point Contact - Nurse facilitates communication with all involved parties to ensure accountability and efficient management of claim.


Benefits of a Nurse Triage Program:

For the Employer

 Advocacy approach to injured worker improves morale & reduces litigation

 Recorded Statements

For the Employee

 Engaged in the recovery and return-to-work process

For the Physician

 More responsive clinician-to-clinician interaction

 Identifies return-to-work barriers

For the Account Executive

 Plan of action identifies strategy for claim

 Controls claim cost